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Greg Burt is a promoter/talent buyer in the Western New York area as well as a Booking Agent and Performer. He founded FTMP Events almost 10 years ago and has grown it to be one of the main organizations putting on concerts in the Buffalo, NY area. Greg also writes and performs in the bands Digital Afterlife & Optic Oppression.



As a solo artist, Michael Chmiel's music tells stories about mythical creatures inhabiting the state of Maine, sappy intimate songs, alt-rock headbangers, and political anthems. A self-taught musician from Buffalo, NY who loves to play cross borders in the Great Lakes Region.

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Molly Conrad is a songstress from Iowa, who traveled many parts of the world creating and performing her music. She recorded her most recent albums in Nashville, TN and has gone on numerous tours around the U.S. and Germany. She currently resides in Buffalo, NY, where she continues to perform, write, and tour.



Michael DeLano is a soulful, teenage singer-songwriter, but it’s his vocal range on stage, passion on guitar, and songwriting ability that leaves audiences feeling like they just witnessed something truly special. A natural in front of a crowd, Michael plays bluesy rock originals with a little folk and alternative mixed in. From solo originals on acoustic guitar to blues infused original rock with his band 77 Stone... this is music you don’t want to miss.

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Nonsense personified: minimalistic, yet effective digital productions ranging from dance-aholic to melancholic, classical/cabaret-inspired piano stylings, and eccentric lyricism.



At the intersection of grit, quirk, and grace, you find Sara Elizabeth – an indie singer/songwriter with stories to tell, energy to share, and love to give. Backed by a virtuosic band of players, Sara’s heartfelt songs and invigorating stage chemistry create a home for those who listen.



Kerry Fey is a guitarist, singer-songwriter, and burlesque performer out of Buffalo, NY. She has been performing with her genre of “cheeky folk punk” for the better part of a decade, and joined Buffalo burlesque troupe The Glam Vamps in 2018, bringing with her that same vibe and aesthetic; often providing commentary on politics and current events, as well as relationships and the societal norms surrounding them.

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For over 15 years, indie rap veteran AJ Jordan has written and released original music straight from his hometown of Buffalo, New York. Infamous for his grimy aesthetic and infectious, high-energy performances, “The Crescendo” has become a landmark figure among hip hop’s most hardcore listeners.



Songwriter Tom Maynor has a story to sing you. Relationships, love lost or found, even ghosts traverse the world he paints in his tightly crafted tunes.  Buffalo born and bred with a stint in Austin, Texas, Tom’s songs will have you listening, smiling, crying and feeling something deep about being human. When not performing solo, Tom is one-half of Middlemen, an acoustic, folk-rock duo. (

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Sunfearing misanthrope Devin Mullen brings incisive lyrics exploring the poetic and dreadful into a framework of jazz/punk/folk guitar. Inspired by such notables as Jim O'rourke, Marvin Gaye, and Samuel Beckett, AKMGP offers sonic art that is simultaneously provocative and cathartic. Remember folks, Anxious Kids Make Good People.



Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, André Pilette has made a full circle back to the city after a two decade absence, most of which was spent in the music industry in New York City. Wasting no time upon his return in late 2018, he and Michael Farrow met and quickly formed the band Farrow in the summer of 2019, recruiting several local professional musicians to join them to create some original music which they've dubbed as Rock 'n Soul. For more details, check out