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Songwriting Masterclass

Led by accomplished songwriters, this workshop will delve into the art and craft of songwriting.

Participants will explore lyricism, melody construction, and storytelling techniques.

Music Production & Recording Techniques

Industry experts will guide students through the technical aspects of music production, covering recording techniques, mixing, and mastering in both a studio and DIY environment.

Instrumental Mastery

Professional musicians will host workshops focused on mastering your chosen instrument, providing practical guidance and tips for rehearsal techniques and improving musical skills from dynamics to memorization to improvisation.

Music Business

Career musicians will share insights on building a brand, promoting music, booking gigs, and navigating the business side of the industry.


Live Performance & Stage Presence

Led by experienced performers, this workshop will address the nuances of live performance, stage presence, confidence, emotion, and engaging with an audience.

Music Theory 101

Participants will unravel the mysteries of scales, chords, and harmony, laying the foundation for a deeper understanding of the language of music.

Vocal Workshop

Singers of all experience levels will work with top-notch vocalists to discover the essentials of breath control, vocal technique and placement, and unlocking their own unique voice.

Musical Collaboration

Learn about starting or joining a band and playing with other musicians while exploring the art of collaborative creation, teamwork, and communication.

Panel Discussion

An engaging and interactive Q&A session exploring the realities, challenges, and triumphs of a career in music with a panel of experienced local musicians. Beyond logistical insights, students will also discover the profound impact of community and interpersonal relationships on their artistic journeys.

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