Rising Star Scholarship Program

"....everyone should have the opportunity to find their musical voice." - Robby Takac, Founder and President of Music is Art, bassist for the Goo Goo Dolls and Buffalo resident.

Music is Art wants to assure that every student who wants to participate in our educational programs will have that opportunity regardless of their financial status. It is our goal to help every child discover their talents.

We are asking individuals and businesses to consider donating to the Rising Star Scholarship fund. Every dollar will go directly to students in need so that they can participate. Just click on the donate button below and indicate "scholarship" in the notes. Or you can mail us a check to:

Music is Art
617 Main Street, Suite 220
Buffalo, NY 14203

The Music is Art Rising Star Scholarship is a direct sponsorship from foundations, businesses and individuals who are interested in the music education of our youth. Funds may be used for programs that we sponsor or endorse. Funds are limited and therefore discretion must be used in the selection of candidates for these funds.

Please give us your thoughtful responses to the following questions and submit them to Music is Art no later than two weeks prior to the event or program you wish to attend.


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"Thank you for providing the larger part of my tuition for Rock Camp. In this camp I was able to thoroughly expand my musical perspective as well as form invaluable relationships with fellow musicians. The experience I've had will carry with me through my life." - Tom A.

"I cannot express a greater amount of gratitude to you and this camp as a whole. I was constantly learning some fact that was otherwise foreign to me and gaining experience as a musician. I had never really taken the time to think of all the jobs available in the music industry before now. One of the greatest aspects of this camp was the people; the teachers were very nice and helpful, and it was great to interact with other musicians in my age group. Us musicians are a rare breed, and it is great that there are organizations like yours to help aid in this preservation. I could not express more gratitude...for you have given me the necessary aid to participate in such a program, it has truly been an honor to attend." - Mason M.