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Music is Art collects new & used instruments, has them refurbished and donates them to local students & schools for their music programs.


Music is Art believes that if you give a child an instrument and a stage, that child will speak louder, more intelligently, and more passionately with and because of music.


Instruments are donated to kids in the Western New York area only. 

                                 "Waterfront Elementary Receives Guitars"

Instrument Donations & Drives

What we need:
Virtually any musical instrument in good playing condition. 
Unfortunately we do NOT accept pianos or organs due to the cost of moving and storing.
Financial donations are just as important as instrument donations because all instruments that we collect require cleaning and in many cases, repair.  Both types of donations are tax-deductible.
Collection bins & Donation forms:
Music is Art is able to loan large donation bins to those wishing to hold an instrument drive.  We will also provide donation forms that must be completed for each instrument being donated.
Pick ups:
After instruments have been collected, a representative of Music is Art will pick up the donations or arrangements may be made to drop off at the Music is Art offices.
Where your instruments go:
Instruments collected for donation are first assessed by a professional to ensure they are in optimal playing condition.  Instruments are cleaned and repaired, if needed, and then returned to Music is Art where they become part of our instrument inventory.  We will then match instruments with students and schools that have submitted an application and are in the greatest need at that time. Instruments deemed too costly to repair or recondition are either repurposed or disposed of.
Tax deductible
All instrument and financial donations are tax deductible.  In order for us to issue a letter to donors for tax purposes, they must provide their name, address and phone number on the donation form.
Have an instrument to donate? 
Please call ahead before dropping off at one of the following locations as hours may vary:

617 Main Street, #220, Buffalo

Call  716-870-7089 for hours

1090 Niagara Falls Blvd, Tona.
Call Samuel at 
5334 Transit Rd., Depew
Call Samuel at 

Daily Planet Coffee Company

1862 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo

44 Central Ave.
Call  716-683-4879